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Early Childhood Education builds the foundation for lifelong learning, well-being, and preparation for elementary school education. It focuses on the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development needs of young students in early learning settings.

Social emotional development is one of the key development points for the early years. Positive experiences in their interactions plays a big role in healthy social and emotional development.

Early Learning with Makeblock Education utilizes the basic application of coding through play to develop curiosity, imagination, and cognitive abilities. Similarly, promoting social and emotional development is a high priority. Lessons allow for the exploration of these topics in a positive environment.

The Makeblock Education design process is utilized to allow students to Understand, Explore, and Visualize. This process allows all students the ability to access and fully engage with age-appropriate curriculum expectations.

The Makeblock Journey

Screen-free programming introduces the youngest of students to the world of programming through device-free coding cards and themed maps. First, students immerse themselves into programming algorithms, which are step-by-step instructions to solve given tasks. Then, students focus on the specific sequence the instructions are required to be in.

Throughout their learning tasks, students are developing their problem-solving skills and computational thinking skills.

Our Early Learning Solution

mTiny Discover
Age range: 4 – 7 years old
Developmental Benefits: Multimodal literacy, Initiative & self direction, Problem solving skills, Collaboration

mTiny is a screen-free, early education robot that brings computer programming to life. By using coding cards and themed maps, mTiny guides the student in exploring, perceiving, and creating through highly interactive, stimulating, and fun games.

Makeblock Education strives to deliver solutions that foster a growth mindset in the next generation of problem solvers by developing 21st century skills in students. Therefore, our education solutions for early learning and elementary are ready to program right out of the box. This is ideal for the first steps into learning how to code, and very easy to build and create with.

The standards-aligned curriculum offers an extensive range of lesson plans accompanying our solutions. It’s designed for STEAM education and starting the programming journey together. The curriculum challenges students of varying educational levels to be creative and hands-on.

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Early Learning Curriculum with Eduscape

All three units of the mTiny Discover curriculum were written and designed by Eduscape, one of our curriculum partners.

Through their work, educators can use pedagogical best practices in order to create meaningful and authentic learning experiences with coding and robotics. Additionally, the curriculum also includes social-emotional learning opportunities.

Eduscape is a social innovation company that develops and delivers exemplary professional learning solutions to the education market. The organization is composed almost entirely of former educators who average 10 years of classroom teaching experience.

Unit 1 - Exploring Community with mTiny Discover

Students explore the concept of community with mTiny Discover. As they progress through the 5 lessons, they work on building their understanding of community and coding through a variety of real life contexts.

Unit 2 - Discovering my Role with mTiny Discover

Students explore their role in the community with mTiny Discover. They unpack the concept of roles and responsibilities at home and examples of how to help Our Common Home. Along the way, learners discover simple algorithms and explore sequences and loops.

Unit 3 - Making my mark with mTiny Discover

Students explore how they might make their mark with mTiny Discover. They combine skills learned in order to create a board game that teaches others how to take care of Our Common Home. Learners integrate mTiny Discover into the board game using the coding cards and a self-designed map. During the game, they practice computational thinking, strategies, the design process, coding, and more.

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