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CyberPi Go Kit

SKU: P1030156


Designed for every student to learn about Computer Science and STEAM. CyberPi is a single-board computer fully packed with advanced electronic sensors, actuators and communication modules. It is one of the best tools for teaching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Networks and the Internet of Things. The device is powerful, yet affordable and suitable for every classroom. In combination with our impressive mBlock coding editor, it supports Block-based coding language and the text-based programming language Python. Using CyberPi’s Pocket Shield it can connect to a lot of third party electronic components, making it suitable for various classroom settings and learning scenarios.

This kit includes 1x CyberPi, 1x Pocket Shield and 1x USB-C cable.

Hardware Features


In combination with mBlock, CyberPi provides educators with an integrated solution for teaching with both hardware and software. It also allows educators to teach multiple coding languages, from Block-based programming to Python.


Being a powerful single board computer, CyberPi can be used to teach a variety of subjects, including AI, Data Science, Networks and IoT.


CyberPi and the Pocket Shield are compatible with mBuild models and some 3rd party electronic components, making it suitable for various classroom settings and teaching scenarios.

Programming & Compatibility

Using CyberPi and mBlock, educators can teach multiple coding languages, including block-based programming, micro-python and Python, enabling a smooth transition from entry level to higher level learning.

CyberPi is compatible with the mBuild modules. When using the CyberPi Pocket Shield, it can connect to various third party components, including Arduino sensors, DC motors, servos, LED strips, and more.

mBlock 5
Block-Based Editor

mBlock 5
Python Editor

Operating systems supported

Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS

Windows, macOS

(Web-based editors)

Chrome, Safari

Chrome, Safari

Web-based Editors Installation

mLink 2.0

mLink 2.0

(computers & browsers)

USB-C, Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle

USB-C, Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle

Mobile systems supported
(block-based programming)

Android, iOS

Not supported

(mobile devices)

Bluetooth 4.0+

Not supported



Coming soon

Teacher Resources

Ready to get started with CyberPi? The Getting Started Activities give an introduction to our feature-rich micro-controller with buttons, a full-color screen display, and built-in sensors. With three sets of activities at different ability levels, you can set up your middle and high school students for success!

Extend the Learning

lay flat of CyberPi Innovation Add On Pack
CyberPi Innovation Add-on Pack

Bring more learning opportunities to your CyberPi Go Kit with this add-on pack. The pack has mBuild modules and electronic components. It includes:
- Motor Pack
- Servo Pack
- LED strip Pack
- Fan Pack
- Ultrasonic Sensor
- Multi Touch Sensor
- Slider


CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack

Enable more computer science learning in your classroom with the CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack. It includes:
- 4 CyberPi
- 4USB-C cables.

Pocket Shields are not included and need to be purchased separately.


Smart Camera Add-on Pack

A Pixy camera with built-in learning processes that can be connected to various hardware, including:
- CyberPi
- mBot-S
- mBot Ranger
- Ultimate 2.0
- Halocode


Bluetooth Dongle

Ensure a stable connection to your laptop or computer with this Bluetooth dongle.


CyberPi Pocket Shield

The CyberPi Pocket Shield is an expansion board for CyberPi, providing autonomy from a computer. Its features include:
- Built-in 3.7V, 800 mAh rechargeable batteryIt has
- Two DC motor ports
- Two 3-pin interfaces that are compatible with Makeblock's mBuild platform and Arduino sensors
- Ability to attach Makeblock and LEGO structural parts to casing


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Technical Specifications




Main processor

Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 dual-core

Clock frequency

240 MHz

Onboard memory


448 KB


520 KB

Extended memory

SPI Flash

8 MB


8 MB

Operating system

CyberOS, developed independently by Makeblock

Wireless communication


Dual-mode Bluetooth

Physical interfaces

Micro USB port (Type-C)

Port for connecting extension boards

Port for connecting electronic modules (serial communication)

Hardware version



84 mm × 35 mm × 13 mm (width × height × depth)


36 g

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