Career & Technical Education

Makeblock Education strives to deliver solutions that foster a growth mindset in the next generation of problem solvers by developing 21st century skills in students.

The Makeblock Journey

mBlock can be accessed through the app, online browser or downloaded for the PC or MAC. Switching from block-based programming to Python or Arduino C is just one click away. At this level mBlock can be utilized with CyberPi.

mBlock 5 is ideal to teach the principles of programming for secondary education through the transition from block-based programming to text based programming.

Makeblock Education

Career and Technical Education centers around the professional development of students in their specific fields. Students become skillful and resourceful experts or craftspeople.

Makeblock Education’s high quality products are suitable to create an authentic context and learning experience. The flexibility of the hardware encourages students to make their own decisions and apply them in a range of contexts. Ideal for designing a hands-on learning experience and make learning visible to all students.

The Makeblock Education design process is utilized to allow students to Understand, Explore, and Visualize. This process allows all students the ability to access and fully engage with age appropriate curriculum expectations.

Makeblock Education Solution

Age range: 12 years old and up
Developmental Benefits: Computational thinking, Key concepts in programming, Initiative & Self Direction, Problem solving skills, Collaboration

CyberPi is a single-board computer fully packed with advanced electronic sensors, actuators and communication modules. It is one of the best tools for teaching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Networks and the Internet of Things. In combination with our impressive mBlock coding editor, it supports Block-based coding language and the text-based programming language Python.

Makeblock Education strives to deliver solutions that foster a growth mindset in the next generation of problem solvers by developing 21st century skills in students around the world.

The education solutions for vocational education help prepare students for their professional careers by encouraging hands-on application with realistic industrial quality materials.

Getting Started Lessons
Text-Based Programming

Level 3 - Transition from Block-based to Python

Students explore CyberPi and mBlock …..

Level 4 - CyberPi MVP Course

Students continue to explore CyberPi and mBlock with a focus on text based programming with Python. Students explore the use of the Python syntax to create a range of programs within mBlock and to control CyberPi.

mBlock 5 is a one-stop programming platform designed for STEAM education for all ages and levels, supporting both block-based and textual programming languages.

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MakeX Challenge
Age bracket 11-18

In the MakeX Challenge the Red Alliance and Blue Alliance compete against each other. The contestants need to complete multiple missions within a set time frame to score points. MakeX challenge’s missions include complicated movements that need to be completed, such as gathering, shooting and suspending cubes. These versatile assignments put forth complex demands for the design of the robots. Challenging all competitors to develop extensive knowledge about mechanics and programming. In addition to their logical thinking skills, strategical analysis and quick decision making.

MakeX Premier
Age bracket 14+

MakeX Premier is a competitive and large-scale competition for young engineers. The competition is divided into two groups, high school and post-secondary designated for registered post-secondary students respectively. The Red Alliance and Blue Alliance compete against each other with their designed robots. The competition encourages contestants to modularize their robot structure to make full use of the modification stage and assemble their robots faster and more effective. Communication, collaboration and advanced technical skills are essential to be successful in this challenging and professional competition.