Training partners Information:

Makeblock Europe B.V. is a full subsidiary of Makeblock Co. Ltd. The company is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This subsidiary is established in September 1st 2017, as one of the globalising strategies of Makeblock, in order to better understanding the market, providing professional supports, and develop STEAM education support materials.

In the Amsterdam Office, Makeblock Europe offers various workshops and trainings to schools, organisations and business customers, in order to help them to make decisions in integrating makeblock solutions into their system.

Using Makeblock products:


mBot Ranger

DIY Platform


Codey Rocky


Training Programs:

Getting to know Makeblock solution

Robotics solutions

IoT solutions

Team build-up

Sales and marketing strategies

Training Targets:





Makeblock Europe (Amsterdam)

John M. Kenyesplein 12, 1066 EP Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31 6 1264 5470 Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00