Training partners Information:

italmaker mission is disseminate the conscious use of electronic devices in primary school kids and secondary through STEM activities to develop logic and problem solving skills in an involving, collaborative and creative.
Our fablab has an immersive multimedia room in the form of a spaceship with the aim of encouraging learning.
We use makeblock teaching kits (mbot, codey rocky , neuron e airblock) to introduce children to the use of coding and educational robotics, simulating problems from solve in real and social contexts.
We offer courses in our fablab every afternoon and Saturday, annual courses or daily activities, courses for teachers and activities for kid who have learning difficulties (DSA, BES). We also offer workshops in the schools of Lazio, all Italian schools can participate in projects in which makeblock products are used.

Using Makeblock products:

mbot, neuron, codey rocky, airblock

Training Targets:

Primary e secondary school teachers



Italia, Via di Torre Gaia, 6 00133 ROMA 3928945730