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"Founded in 1985 by Bedrettin Dalan, İSTEK Foundation trains contemporary and entrepreneurial generations in line with Atatürk's principles and revolutions. Today, our institution, which has a chain of education extending from Kindergarten to University, has a voice in the future of our country with 13 Kindergartens, 13 Primary Schools, 13 Middle Schools, 12 High Schools, 8 Science High Schools and Yeditepe University.

Istek Izmir Schools prepares students for the future with 2 robotics and Maker workshops and lays the foundations for systematic learning skills. With coding education, it is an application used to increase the skills of children such as algorithmic thinking, problem solving, establishing cause and effect relationship between events, thinking about the solution of a problem in many ways, being self-confident and being creative. In our workshops, students design their robots and create unique mechanical structures with recyclable materials and repair their robots without hesitation using tools such as screwdrivers, soldering. After developing visual programming skills from primary school, they learn Javascript, C, Python programming language in secondary school and use these skills in solving real life problems and developing decision making process in this process."

Using Makeblock products:

Kindergarten: mTiny

Primary School: Codey Rocky 6-in-1 KIT

Middle School: Robot Science KIT

High School: Halocode



Training Targets:


Primary School

Middle School

High School


Istek Izmir Schools

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