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Grupo Educativo Versalles S.A ,with the Corporate Identification 3-101-745310 is a company specialized in the implementation of educational programs of robotics and programming to be taught as workshops in the different institutions or companies that seek to innovate their curriculum through the use of educational technology. We count with cutting - edge technology such as Makeblock, which is based on Arduino and it is used in programming teaching through the STEM method for children over 7 years old. We have our own academy which offers courses for people from all ages.
Our program of Educational Robotics is a proposal for the teaching and learning of robotics for kids and teenagers that is given as a course. The program promotes creation, programming and the creativity at the time the learners get to know and manipulate the technological resources specialized to make robotics. This program has two levels that are given in our academy and also in learning centers; it has been made to give people and institutions an easy but effective way to incorporate a technological workshop in their curriculum with the purpose of offering students innovative classes that will introduce them to the amazing world of robotics and programming. This course is given by professionals in the area of educational system engineering based on a plan carefully designed in projects; which is a fun but full of learning experience which is perfected through the use of our modern technological virtual platform where each student can access to learning resources and exercises that the teacher will provide all along the workshops.

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Grupo Educativo Versalles

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