Training partners Information:

“Kalimat”, the Lebanese Association for the Development of Capacities ,was founded in 2010 by a group of Lebanese youth seeking capacity development, Scientific and technological development for emerging generations through specialized programs for all age groups, and is concerned with talented children through developing their skills ,and analytical abilities. In addition to working with people with special needs and learning difficulties in which we provide them Specialized and therapeutic education . Kalimat association relies on the efforts of its volunteers and self-financing through programs, activities and services it provides ,as well as a network of partnerships and relationships with State bodies and institutions, civil society and NGOs. Also the association has founded a special department for robotic science , called E-Robot ,that takes care of everything related to this science(training, preparing equipments, programming, clubs curriculum ,and competitions),also this department works on an elite of engineers, specialists, and educators.
E-ROBOT offers a number of school clubs and activities that teach robotics and programming for different age groups and academic stages based on different types of robots. It helps participants to improve their intellectual, personal and manual skills, and develop analytical skills, imagination, programming, speed Self-confidence, team work, research and inquiry ... which are practiced by participants in order to reach excellence in academic materials through their implementation STEAM strategy
All this in order to achieve our children's creativity and excellence and invest their time in a safe and enjoyable, away from the dangers of social media. The learning environment provided by E-Robot to its subscribers is a stimulating and stimulating educational environment for the work of the brain that enables them to speak the language of the modern technological age and open the way for them to participate in national and regional championships to achieve more achievements inventions and technological innovations and be the nucleus of the future generation that will build the homeland. 1 - We can offer educational curricula during the academic classes throughout the academic year from the first grade until the eleventh grade according
And different robotics classes to different age and different levels during the year

Using Makeblock products:

mBot,cody roky , Air Block , neurone , mbot ranger, Ultimate

Training Programs:

Textbook Of Algorithm And Programming_Student book, teacher book 3,4,5,6,7,8

getting started with mbot

neuron teaching

codey rocky education pack

Training Targets:

Primary , Intermediate , middel secondaery Schools




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