STEAM Education: How to Make a Lasting Impact on Your Students

Keeping students engaged, learning, and having fun is no easy task. The Makeblock Team visits Maria Morgana, Technology Teacher at McKinley Elementary School in North Bergen New Jersey, to see how she makes a lasting impact on her students. 

Hear first hand from students at McKinley who have seen their school transform into an inspiring place to learn. See how bringing Makeblock’s STEAM Solutions into the classroom brightened and motivated not only the students, but the entire school. 

Follow along this three part series to dive into McKinley School’s Case Study. Don’t forget to fill out the form to receive a copy of our written case study to print, share, or save for later!

Before STEAM

Having computers or technology does not always mean students have access to a proper STEAM program. Morgana knew something had to change to inspire the students at McKinley. She identified that they needed to create a new learning environment that would inspire the change necessary to bring a new meaning to STEAM at McKinley.

Why Choose Makeblock?

Get a better understanding of why teachers and students love Makeblock. Maria explains how important it is to have a personal connection with a company to ensure they have readily available support. The students share their opinions on the benefits of Makeblock’s limitless technology. 

Results at McKinley Elementary School

The impact at McKinley School can be seen by the students and faculty becoming more inspired. Inspired to build, create, and learn to their fullest potential. Students explain how they feel inspired to come to school and learn.