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Developing Early Literacy and Numeracy through Tangible Programming has been developed for Makeblock’s first screen-free robot, mTiny. This curriculum guide has been designed to help educators learn, plan, and implement joyful robotics activities in early years settings.
This guide is suitable for educators with or without experience of programming or computer science. It is adaptable, flexible, and easy to use. The guide not only explains some of the basic programming concepts but also offers example learning activities to facilitate your learning and teaching.



Educational Values and Pedagogy
Theoretical Underpinning                               01
Connection to Child Development                  02


An Introduction to mTiny

Tangible Programming at a Glance                03
Classroom Activity Preparation                      07


Curriculum and Activity Plans

Outline and Activity Description                     08

Examples of Learning Activities                     11

(Beginner’s Level)
  1. What Is a Robot?
  2. Red Light, Green Light
  3. Captain’s Order
  4. Forest Party
  5. What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?
  6. Zig-zag Bridge
  7. Number Puzzle
  8. Where’s My Bamboo?

(Intermediate Level)

  1. Little Road Mender
  2. Ring Road Itinerary
  3. Little Bus Driver
  4. Help Me, Please!

(Advanced Level)

  1. mTiny’s Weekend
  2. Patrol Officer


  1. What’s My Favorite Food
  2. mTiny, Run Faster!
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