Makerspace is an innovation hub where students can realize their ideas. It is not only a collection of tools, but also a fusion of mechanics, electronics, and programming. The teacher’s book and  student’s book make it easier for teaching in classrooms. 


  • Products:             Makerspace 2.0
  • Languages:          English
  • Content Types:     Lessons

What is STEAM Education Primary Solution

STEAM Education Primary Solution provides resources that help schools set up their STEAM labs and organize robotics competitions. The solution can work with MakerSpace series based primary courses, making it a perfect setup for classroom teaching (for a class size of 2-8 students) and maker education activities (for 8 – 16 students involved). The series curriculum focuses on project-based learning and Inquiry-based learning. Teachers in the classroom scaffold these active learning experience by providing structured support that helps guide students to deeper engagement and higher-level thinking.


1. Magic Land

1.1 Hello, Monster!
1.2 Magic Wand
1.3 Wonderful Musician
1.4 Electronic Mask


2. Habitat of Fun

2.1 Bird Palace
2.2 Time Tunnel
2.3 Puppy’s Tail
2.4 Dancing Peacock


3. Thrills Kingdom

3.1 Balancing Spaceship
3.2 Sound Meter
3.3 Sky Screamer
3.4 Live Music Show


4. Lasersville

4.1 Color-changer
4.2 Piranha
4.3 Animal the Musician
4.4 Spinning Music Box

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