Makerspace 2.0 curriculum was based-on Sustainable Development Goals bringing social envoironmental problems to the classroom setting. The project-based learning curriculum was designed to nurture the skills of project management, engineering, social science and problem-solving. 


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STEAM Education Advanced Solution provides resources that help middle schools or above set up their STEAM labs and organize robotics competitions. It includes 45 boxes of components, 12 backup storage trays and 10 packs of runners and clips compatible with storage shelves.


Overview of the Course

Urban Resilience is the measure of the capacity of an urban system to adapt to a changing environment, attain and maintain sustainability through all natural and technological hazards as well as socio-economic-political-cultural crises.
In the light of UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”, this course has been designed for anyone interested in urban development. You don’t need any special experience, but it might be of interest to learners who study environmental science, geography, biology, physics, and related AP (or GCSE and IB) subject areas.


The course includes 4 modules:

Module 1, Introduction to Project-based Learning
Module 2, Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management
Module 3, Technologies and Water-energy-food Nexus
Module 4, 1m³ of Space in the Sustainable City

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