Educational Robotics with Halocode


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Educational Robotics with Halocode by makeblock – Summarised version

Halocode is a programmable board with multitude of sensors, which can be used for both “training in robotics”, from basic to the most advanced levels, as well as for “training with robotics”, by allowing the youngest members to use it as a didactic resource for all kinds of activities, including, of course, the introduction to robotics.

Although other similar proposals already exist in market, the new Halocode is notable for its ability to carry out extremely easily projects related to voice recognition, for example, controlling lights remotely, just like domestic assistants do, so much in vogue now, or send voice messages translated to text from a Halocode to anywhere in the world.

This functionality also allows to carry out activities for, for example, learning English numbers. Its circular structure and the ring LEDS arrangement, invites us to carry out IoT projects, as the watch from book cover, that we are sure will shake up the wearable lovers.

On this summarised version book you will find an explanation about the graphical programming environment mBlock 5 as also some projects, with different levels, that will help you to take the first steps with the new Halocode board.

I hope you enjoy it!

— Professor Ernesto Martínez de Carvajal Hedrich