About the Author

David Romano is currently the president and CEO of Tri-Tech Pathways Inc. David founded Tri-Tech Pathways Inc. to bring STEM education to students with a real-world industry perspective from his years of engineering experience and academic background. David’s focus for this book is on active learning, creativity, exploration and problem solving. Readers explore computer science through physical computing using robotics and graphical block programming. The goal is to develop computational thinking skills, vital for success, such as; processing information, investigation, visualizing conclusions and developing a solution.

About the Book

The mBot Discovery curriculum opens the exciting world of computer science and robotics to middle and high school students in a fun and practical way. The lessons are constructed from hundreds of hours of actual middle school and high school classroom experience. The learning activities are created from fun robotic projects from our own curriculum which are designed to be inspiring and engaging, helping students see computing and technology as an important part of their world. The activities are designed with a focus on problem-based learning, creativity, exploration, critical thinking and problem-solving. With mBot Discovery you will learn basic computer science principles through the study of robotics. Learn computer programming concepts and develop Scratch coding skills. Study the basic elements of algorithms such as sequence, decision and iteration. Learn about using pseudocode, flowcharts and block diagrams. Develop programs with variables, loops, conditional instructions, and functions. Learn how to assemble your mBot and understand basic robot system components. Use the scientific method to perform characterization studies of mBot sensor operation. Learn about robotic command and control programs by designing a state machine. Design an integrated, multi-input/output, robotic control program using the mBot RGB LEDs, Piezo Buzzer, Motors (Forward, Right Turn, Left Turn, Backwards), Ultrasonic Sensor, Line Follower Sensor, Light Detector Sensor. Explore the Software Development Life Cycle and learn about brainstorming, project planning and the importance of reuse in technology development. All this in twelve, fun and easy to understand lessons.