An informative guide for both the young and the not so young!

A free ‘open-source’ download of a guide to using mBot, mBot Ranger and mBot Ultimate.  A comprehensive, in-depth explanation of just about everything you need to know!

Contains a comprehensive and in-depth guide to designing and scripting programmes using mBlock5.

  • Windows 10/ mBlock v.5.1.0-2020 Edition


Chapter 1 — An Introduction (…or how it all began…)

Chapter 2 — About Makeblock, Scratch and Arduino

Chapter 3 — About mBot the Robotics Device

Chapter 4 — About mBlock 5

Chapter 5 — About the mBlock 5 User Interface

Chapter 6 — Setting up and Connecting mBot

Chapter 7 — About mBot’s Remote Control Modes

Chapter 8 — All About Batteries


Chapter 20 – An mBot Drawing Machine Project