Key Features:

  1. 3-in-1 model: “Scorpion robot”, “Light chasing robot” , “Intelligent desk light”
  2. Comes with light sensor, sound sensor and RGB LED module, the pack will bring u an amazing sound & light experience.
  3. Add-on pack for mBot

Part list:


  • Case 1 – Scorpion robot

Add mBot with a vivid “tail”, enabling it to look like a scorpion. In this case, by adding an arc tail at the rear part of mBot, the center of gravity of the robot is changed, thus making it easier for the mBot to raise its head.

  • Case 2 – Light chasing robot

It detects the light intensity around mBot via two light sensors on each side. When the light intensity on the left side is greater than that on the right side, the robot will turn left; when the light intensity on the right side is greater than that on the left side, the robot will turn right; otherwise, the robot will go straight.

  • Case 3 – Intelligent desk light

By changing the building configuration, mBot can turn into an “intelligent desk light”. The light has two operating modes: touch mode in which the light brightness can be regulated by touching the line follower sensor with fingers, and voice control mode, in which the sound intensity in the surrounding area has to be sensed, and when the intensity is large, the light will come on, like the voice-activated light at the stairway in our daily life.


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