• The Italian Ministry of Education has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Educational Division of Makeblock Europe
  • The Protocol includes the free supply of 300 educational robots to Italian schools
  • To participate in the selection and receive the robots, schools must submit their application by 3.00 pm on 11 February 2021
  • The teachers of the selected schools will also be provided with free of charge specific training courses on STEAM and coding through the STEAM On Board free coding platform

    January 15, 2021 – The Italian Ministry of Education and Makeblock Europe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of coding and STEAM disciplines as part of the National Plan for Digital Schools (PNSD). This is a really rich and interesting opportunity for Italian schools as the Protocol includes  the implementation of actions to develop the use of coding in teaching, through the implementation of innovative projects in pilot schools identified in a homogeneous way on the whole National territory.


    In this regard, the Italian Ministry of Education has published on its website (https://www.ificazione.it/scuola_digitale/index.shtml) a public notice addressed to Italian kindergartens and primary schools: the schools that will apply for selection will have the opportunity to receive free tools and devices useful for carrying out  innovative teaching activities. They will also be accompanied throughout this project thanks to a training course which will also take place completely free of charge.

    A total of 60 educational institutions will be selected: 30 kindergartens and 30 primary schools. All kindergartens selected for the experimentation will receive free supply of a kit consisting of 4 mTiny educational robots, complete with mat and teaching guide. All selected primary schools will receive a free kit consisting of 6 Codey Rocky educational robots, complete with educational guides, designed for both the teacher and the student. The goal is to encourage the dissemination in Italian schools of active teaching methods and methodologies to develop the conscious and lasting acquisition of basic concepts and knowledge (deep learning), at the same time favouring the development of creativity, enriched by new skills, related to the manipulation of objects and technological components.


     “I strongly believe in what the Italian government is doing through the National Digital School Plan” said Jasen Wang, founder and CEO of Makeblock “When I visited Italy in October 2019, it really struck me looking closely at the commitment and foresight shown by the Italian Ministry of Education. This is why as Makeblock Europe we have decided to invest in Italian schools, because we want to help them continue to look far ahead. And it’s not just about providing robots: thanks to our Italian partner CampuStore, we will really help the selected schools to embrace a more innovative approach to teaching by providing them, free of charge, with specific training courses for the teachers of the school. A complete growth, in short, to restart with enthusiasm in this new year in which we are placing so many hopes “.


    The objective of this innovative Memorandum of Understanding is, therefore, to continue to support the Italian school system, placing at the centre of the project the well-being of those who go to school every day, students and teachers: because real innovation lies in people, today and tomorrow.



  • Makeblock Education (https://education.makeblock.com) is a global provider of STEAM educational solutions for every order and grade. It operates in 6 branches worldwide and has reached over 10 million users of its programming platform (coding). Our portfolio consists of software developed by us and hardware ranging from robotics and electronics kits to 3D printers and laser cutters. Each product is designed to support teachers with educational tools that allow them to train today’s students who will be the inventors, creators and entrepreneurs of the future.