Kindergartens &

Lower Primary

Pedagogical Approach

Early Childhood Education builds the foundation for lifelong learning, wellbeing and prepares for primary education. It focusses on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development needs of young children.

Makeblock’s Early Learning Solutions are designed to inspire children’s curiosity and imagination through playing and coding. Developing cognitive abilities as well as promoting children’s social and emotional development. This enables kids to adapt to classroom environments and help prepare for both formal and informal education.

Screen-free programming

Bring coding to life with screen-free programming through physical coding cards and themed maps. Allow even the youngest students to start screen-free with the basic concepts of programming, such as algorithmic and decomposition. These skills are important to develop an understanding of the modern world and to advance their problem solving skills.

Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking is commonly explained as reformulating and solving problems in a way a computer can solve it. It involves decomposing problems, recognizing patterns, identifying  important information and developing algorithms. These skills are closely related to active learning in early learning by exploration and play.

Social emotional skills

Social emotional development is one of the key development points for the early years. An understanding of who they are and how they interact with others and the world is established early on. Positive experiences in their interactions plays a big role in a healthy social and emotional development.

Education Solutions

Makeblock Education strives to deliver solutions that foster a growth mindset in the next generation of problem solvers by developing 21st century skills in students around the world. Our continuum of education solutions is suitable for all ages and levels.

The education solutions for early learning and lower primary are ready to program right out of the box, ideal for the first steps into learning how to code, and very easy to build and create with. The solutions are compatible with tangible and block-based programming. Explore Makeblock’s education solutions for early learning and lower primary education below.

mTiny Discover

Ages: 4~7 

Developmental Benefits: 

Multimodal Literacy 

Initiative & Self Direction 

Problem solving skills 



The extensive range of lesson plans accompanying our software and hardware solutions challenges students of all different educational levels to be creative and hands-on. Designed for STEAM education and starting your programming journey. The lesson material for early years education focusses on social emotional development and learning through play.  

Curriculum Partner

Eduscape is a social innovation company that  develops and delivers exemplary professional learning solutions to the education market. The organization is composed almost entirely of former educators who average ten (10) years of classroom teaching experience. The team has delivered professional development to nearly 650,000 educators; and has worked with hundreds of schools and districts throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have also developed e-learning courses that have enrolled learners in the U.S. and 13 additional countries.

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